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Creditor’s Remedies:


Our firm successfully pursued, obtained and collected a Judgment for wrongful termination against the company employing our client which had closed their business in British Columbia and had all of their assets in Ontario. In addition, we collected extra damages for the underhanded and deceptive manner in which our client, the employee, was terminated from his job and all of our client’s legal costs, or special costs, for our client from his employer due to the bad faith action during the lawsuit.


We commenced and prosecuted an action for our client as a spouse for a sizable division of assets and ongoing child support and spousal support. By convincing the Trial Judge of the B.C. Supreme Court that the other spouse had illegally transferred assets out of his name to a family member and was perjuring himself and forging documents to suggest to the Court that he was unemployed due to his disability when in fact he was actually working. We obtained fair compensation for our client and special, meaning increased, legal costs against the spouse because of his deception.

Our lawyers argued to the Provincial Court of British Columbia that an change in the custody, living arrangements and access to a young child was necessary due to the possible sexual abuse and mistreatment of the child.

We have successfully persuaded Judges of the Supreme Court of British Columbia to apply the International Hague Convention on Child Abduction in several cases and to order the return of children to the foreign country where the parent had fled from, having been tracked down in British Columbia.


We have obtained settlements for, as well as tried, many cases in the Courts of British Columbia for clients against ICBC in order to obtain fair compensation both for pain and suffering for physical injuries and for loss of income for past, present and future wage loss.

We have sued ICBC on behalf of clients and have had the Court order ICBC to honour the Contract of Insurance and pay for our clients’ stolen vehicles or damages to their vehicle.


We have defended a client accused of first degree murder and convinced the Crown Prosecutor’s office to “stay” the Information against our client, thereby dismissing and having all charges dropped. This was done after an extensive review of the evidence, cross-examination of key Crown witnesses at a Preliminary Hearing and the selection of a Jury.

We represented a client accused of sexual assault and historic sexual assault over a 34 day trial in Supreme Court of British Columbia, including challenging the Crown Prosecutor’s expert psychologist resulting in a verdict of not guilty.

Our firm has represented numerous clients on assault (including domestic assault), impaired driving, Motor Vehicle Act charges and drug charges, including marijuana grow-ops and possession and trafficking charges of narcotics charges in the various levels of Courts in British Columbia.



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